This blog is written from the perspective of an African American self-titled digitalPlumbersm  and graduate of a tech school with experience working in the high tech industries of North Carolina and Massachusetts.   He worked in RF and FSK telemetry communications for Duke Power Company nuclear plant expansions in North Carolina and serviced mid-range IBM computer systems in Charlotte.   In Massachusetts he has seen tech duty supporting computer based CAT brain and whole body scanners,  IT consulting,  high school electronics teaching, public access television production, WIFI and  4G LTE regional installations and online ecommerce builds and media library management.

Posting here began to appear a few days after March 4, 2013 when I responded to a request for proposals from the Massachusetts STEM Council who were seeking  public awareness and advertising services meant to amplify the STEM brand in Massachusetts, beyond the work done with DIGITS by Arnold Worldwide.

I wanted the  non-profit member organizations BDPA ( Black Data Processing Association – MetroWest Boston) and NSBE ( National Society of Black Engineer – Boston) seated on the  38 member Massachusetts STEM Council or at least in a driver’s seat to promote STEM in Massachusetts and this RFR opportunity was a path.   Collectively, these organizations have delivered over 10,000 positive  STEM experiences to  K-8, high school students and the ethnic community at large – across the country.

Both the BDPA and NSBE do  effective work in STEM without official ties to the Commonwealth and maybe, just maybe the community will be better off if these organizations continue to go at it as independents.

But there could be efficiencies gained if these organizations and the STEM Council were working with the same resources Massachusetts residents ( via their tax dollars ) have  invested in.  MassGov has many positive stories to tell about its STEM achievements.  And it has some things it wants  to fix such as getting women and students of color more into STEM.

Did you know that middle grade students would rather go to the dentist, take out the garbage, or clean their room than do their math homework?  lol, is true says a study by Raytheon.

The STEM Council will impact  communities of color in Massachusetts  for the next decade.

This blog wants to hear what you think about  STEM, tech and ethnic software.

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