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Hubweek Boston shows off its robotics flavor.

Pipeguard Robotics accepts $20,000 grand prize check for winning the business pitch competition at HubWeek Boston on Saturday, October 14th, 2017.

PipeGuard Robotics wins Hubweek
PipeGuard Robotics wins Hubweek

When you call the plumber to fix a city main line water leak, the bill goes in upwards of $200,000 on average per leak. PipeGuard made an electronic, robotic fish that can swim into pipes, detect leaks and show the maintenance people where the leak is with certain accuracy. The widget brings repair cost  down from $200,000 to about $20,00 with its early detection techniques.


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Teacher for software game industry programming and a Boston Massachusetts tech meetup group.

Let’s get right to how to do it. Here is where you go to for Computer Game Programming Instruction in Massachussetts .

I like them. I’ve talked to the director of the institute, I highly recommend the …..
The Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI) at Becker College is the state-wide center,

designated by the Commonwealth, for entrepreneurship, academic cooperation and economic development across the Massachusetts digital and video games ecosystem.
Established in 2011 and based in Worcester, MassDiGI is the result of creative collaboration among academia, industry and government, aimed at fostering the growth of the game industry and innovation economy.

Another Tech Meetup Group find

That would be the New England Association for Information Science and Technology.

Go to Link:

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Training in Game Development with UNITY

There is an online course titled Learn To Code by Making Games – The Complete Unity Developer being offered by uDEMY.

The course byline is Game development & design made fun. Learn C# using Unity 4.6 & Unity 5. Your first 7 2D & 3D games for web & mobile.

Skate board black clip art

There are 295 lectures and 51 hours of video contained in the course for a fee of $197.00 You can preview the course material here before you invest in doing it.


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2016 Stem update for teens

NSBE – the National Society of Black Engineers offers STEM training for youth.

BDPA –  or the Black Data Processing Association offers STEM training for youth.

CODE2040 connects Black and Latino/a engineering talent to opportunities to ensure their leadership in the innovation economy.

You can look into STEM programs for students in grades 7-12 on published by a company of the same name in  Brookline Ma that is targeting middle and upper income suburban parents by offering expensive school programs.

The MIT k-12 outreach directory is a comprehensive resource provided by Mit University.





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Digital spending trends 2015.

mall tower

Programmatic Digital Spending is an internet advertising method that places  presence on any user’s device and knows when and where and in what context to show the user your digital ad is where Google sees the market headed.

To Adwords and Bing account buyers, there will be more options in the control panel to use on Ad Groups and Campaigns.

One of the most useful options already in the Google panel I’ve seen is the Dimension/Locale tab.  When you select  Google Search Partners and Google Search for a campaign, you’ll want to know where IMPRESSIONS that don’t lead to CLICKS are coming from. The Dimensions tab enables you to see City and State sources in the report.  It is useful to prevent false positives. You can list EXCLUDE sources using data you see in the dimensions report.



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What’s at stake.

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an excerpt from the new MassGov request for STEM public awareness services

II. Background

Massachusetts has a history and tradition of invention and ingenuity in the areas of scientific discovery and technological innovation. But, given the constant change and evolution occurring in the world today, global leadership is up for grabs.

Massachusetts needs to maintain its leadership position in  STEM ( science, technology, engineering, mathematics)  education and career growth sectors by continuing to attract and foster ideas + capital + innovators.

The most critical factor in converting that formula into economic success is a highly educated, highly skilled workforce. To build a strong and dependable STEM pipeline, Massachusetts must increase student awareness, interest and preparation, educate parents and adults, and improve educator effectiveness.

Among these strategies, increasing student awareness and interest is paramount for attracting students to the STEM fields and for producing the number of workers needed to fill the jobs of the 21st century. Thus, the messages we craft about the importance of STEM are  critical.

So too are the methodologies used to deliver these messages to the target audiences — which include students, parents, teachers, the business community, and perhaps the general public. What is most clear is that the Commonwealth cannot remain competitive in the global economy without STEM skilled workers and a citizenry literate in general STEM concepts.

Promoting STEM education is therefore of paramount importance, not only to current and future workers, but to the Commonwealth as a whole.

Within the last decade, Massachusetts has seen the creation of a formalized funding stream devoted to increasing student interest in, and preparation for, STEM majors and careers in the form of the STEM Pipeline Fund; has encouraged and supported the development of regional STEM networks made up of educators, businesses and other STEM stakeholders; has funded numerous student and teacher STEM centered programs and projects; has witnessed the creation of a 40 member STEM Advisory Council led by the Lieutenant Governor; has published a comprehensive STEM Plan released at the 2010 STEM Summit; and, has advanced the scale-up of targeted STEM programs under an initiative known as @Scale.

digits logo[ insert] DIGITS, a new brand and program created pro bono  by Arnold Worldwide for MassGov introduced STEM to  six-graders in the  classroom .  Now an all new, all encompassing brand is being conceived   to carry the work further and to all ages and STEM stakeholders.

Whether, or how much, some these activities have directly affected the interest and academic performance of the students in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is yet to be conclusively proven and documented. However, we do see two things:

(1) An improvement in Massachusetts test scores in math and science as measured by the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) and from results on national and international standardized tests such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

The full request for a proposal released in February 2013   is funded with a $45,000 budget..

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Mass High Tech portal offers students work

tower computer case

March 11, 2013

New portal opens for  college students and recent college graduates.  They are offered  internships with leading companies in the high-growth tech sector in Massachusetts.

Through this portal students  apply to be matched with participating companies; and companies can register by completing the application process. Eligible companies may receive a refund of up to 50 percent  of the intern payroll cost, up to $4,800 annually.  intern application form.


COMPANIES:   All Massachusetts Tech Sector companies are eligible  to register and use this portal to recruit interns.

Companies with less than 500 employees are eligible to receive reimbursement.

 company application form.  |  FAQ.   Reimbursements



Start-ups and Mass high tech firms Tech co., start-ups, college students & recent grads: @mass_tech launches internship pgm! #InternMA #highered #STEM

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New STEM ideas for Massachusetts leaders.

interactive niagara movement

Lucrative  innovation development zones  in the cities of  Massachusetts rake  in millions of dollars in resources and investments.  Filling them are skilled workers, scientists, engineers and technologists who bring their wallets, vision and educational achievements to their offices.

You can drown in the amount of  conversation about school assignment choices  here in town.  If I were the Mayor of Boston I would put STEM classes full of  9-12 grade students right across the street from the happily-motivated entrepreneurs converging on the innovation districts.

In Cambridge, I’d move some K-8 classes inside the innovation labs, not a long way way from them.  This is because Massachusetts has a STEM problem and officials hope a new effort to re-brand will fix it.

There has been  more flirting with micro-apartment renters than there are awards handed to school science-fair participants so the state may as well give it a try.

Parents have heard of STEM but many will ask what is STEM.

Stem cell research is  a trending Google search topic  but the phrase  “STEM education” barely registers in the search archives.

edX queries outnumber STEM Plan queries by 70,000 to 4,000 on Google, yet the Massachusetts STEM Plan has been in effect longer than  edX University has been operating.

It should be no surprise  that the majority of people who find STEM attractive and easy to comprehend are  in the minority.

Is this because the A is missing from the conversation ( STEAM for Science Technology Engineering ARTs  and Math)  an experienced publicist suggested?

Is  STEM building-block classroom material organically interesting?







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Big Data computing for ethical hackers

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Cambridge is the home of  hack/reduce, an organization  offering free large-scale computing power, access to Big Data and  social events for meeting and playing around with the stuff.

Massachusetts plans to be the Big Data Capital of the world.

hack/reduce is a non-profit working with the  State of Massachusetts,  local and global firms, and MIT, Harvard and other local universities.

Its a meeting of the minds with developers, data scientists and Big Data technologies and applications.