Celebrity and the color of software

If Kim can do it ….

Kim Kardasian West’s Hollywood game software app was forecast to bring $200 million in annual revenue, TechCrunch reported.  The celebrity’s app offers a peek inside her life, charging customers a $2.99 per month subscription for access.

Apptopia tracks app sales flow and downloads. Comparing one product to another, they help developers, investors, programmers and publishers figure out what’s hot and what’s not.

Kim’s siblings released their apps too. Kylie had  1.85 million downloads.  During the same measurement period, Khloé had 564,961 and Kendall had 417,758 downloads.  The revenue was $540,019, $218,346.75 and $164,246.71 respectively.

These numbers are good.

From the revenues earned, app stores  Google and Apple take their 30% cut,  leaving a pile of money for  the celebs and their developer.

A lot of people have been paying two fitty for cell phone ring tones.

It remains to be seen if celebrity lifestyle apps will continue to generate profitable, sustained sales.

They will if they continue to matter in the lives of people who use them.

But they have to be better than competing products.

HULU and YOUTUBE are going around COMCAST and TIME WARNER to deliver video programming direct to consumers over the internet. There already are hundreds of media outlets  begging for  people’s attention. With the many different media channels competing for a slice of our precious, personal time, the celeb software app category could have a short future.

Blacksoftware is

blackSoftware spelled with the capital “s” and no space between the words is a brand created by Blacksoftware, Inc.,  whose distribution and discovery service web site has introduced ethnic software and its subcategory labeled black software to Pan African markets in 1999.

Here’s another way to look at it.  Black software is like black literature. It is like black movies.  Think about black fine art or black music and you’re helping yourself visualize black software programs.

blacksoftware logo

Ethnic software is a MASTER category of software including blackSoftware, but ethnic software may be Yiddish, Greek, Arabic and other.

An African American emoticon graphics library is a  perfect example of black software.

Black emoticons






So is HOMEBEATS, the race relations multimedia CD ROM title published by a non-profit institution in the United Kingdom.

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