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Black businesses in Boston for NSBE engineers meetup

NSBE is coming to town

Black businesses in Boston get excited when they hear about national conferences and meetings that bring thousands of organizational members to the city.  In Massachusetts, most black and minority owned firms are located in Boston Proper.

There’s a few important things Black visitors to Boston  care about when they come to conference. Most have well paying jobs so money is not an object.  They want to know where the parties are and this black Boston  events web site has night club reviews and lists of soul food spots and jazz clubs.

They may want a different perspective on what they’ve heard about Black Boston and the web site provides that perspective.

On Boston’s is a list of 100 black women-owned enterprises with the ability to scale. It is a subset of a list containing hundreds more black and minority owned firms in Massachusetts that may be interested in what NSBEBoston and NSBE National has to offer.

NSBE is the National Society of Black Engineers, a non-profit volunteer membership organization offering career and professional development training for its members.  Members also work with local schools mentoring kids in STEM ( science, technology, engineering and math) activities and contests.

The National Society of Black Engineers will be hosting its 42nd Annual Convention at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) in 2016.

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The Massachusetts miracle master STEM plan.

Hp Hop Clip Art


Check out the master STEM plan formulated by the Governor’s office.

STEM primary targets  in Massachusetts are:

  • K-12, especially the middle grades
  • Parents,  caregivers and community advocates and support programs
  • High School students ( Mass ranks 11% below North Carolina at this level)
  • Educators, teachers and the workforce career sector
  • Women ( STEM careers may be white-male dominated )
  • Students of color ( not enough tuned into STEM?)

There is a 38 member STEM Council but no BDPA  ( MetroWest Boston Black Data Processing Association, Inc ) representation is on that council.  The BDPA has provided 10,000 STEM experiences.

NSBE ( the National Society of Black Engineers ) knows their way around STEM.

NSBE held a Black History Month celebration at Google Cambridge  and it was well attended despite one of the heaviest snow falls in Massachusetts history.

MOOC – Online classrooms of the future are in the news and EdX Online is gaining momentum.  The MIT & Harvard designed venue opened with a STEM course in30 Electronics design.  Taught by university professors and department chairs the courses are free.