BlackSoftware.com is an African American black software maker and distribution platform.

We champion African American software inventors and products and provide job listing services for companies seeking to recruit candidates for job openings in STEM related fields.

The founder of Blacksoftware.com introduced the words Black Software and Ethnic Software into conversations with people online across the world, beginning on the SpiritDatatree Afronet BBS in Boston, then globally via forum discussions and bulletin boards on AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy and Internet web sites. The Blacksoftware.com domain was registered in 1989 by William Murrell in Boston, MA. Black software word use entered public conversation in the mid 80’s. Ethnic software word use began during the millennial year.

We saw a need  to expand software choices users had available. They were used to “multicultural” software. As we began to use “black software” to ( market ) certain titles  people took it.  We believe the black software word defines its own category. A genre to itself, black software joins “black literature,” “black film,” “black music,” and the other Black, Afro-American named genres of distinction.

forthcoming in 2018: The book Black Software: The Internet & Racial Justice, From the AfroNet to Black Lives Matter, from Oxford University Press by Professor Charlton McIIwain, Associate Professor for Media, Culture, and Communications at NYU where he is the Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Diversity at NYU’s Steinhardt School in New York City. The word Black Software will be appearing in the Oxford Dictionary for the first time in any dictionary as the book goes to market.

Thank the early adoptors

BlackSoftware.com credits users in communities across the country for trying products from Blacksoftware.com.You ordered games, screen savers, multimedia CD ROM titles, clip art libraries and wanted some other things as well.

We enjoyed reading your testimonials.  Thanks to the publications who reviewed or recommended the products.  When a reader of the Black Enterprise magazine Tech Watch section asked the editor where should they go to purchase culturally appropriate software for their young African American children to use at home, Black Enterprise magazine gave them the Blacksoftware.com web site and company name of one of the first software vendors we worked with.

Extending the idea that software can have ethnicity

The concept of blackSoftware as Ethnic Software is noteworthy.  Whereas, blackSoftware is a subcategory of Ethnic Software, ethnic software defines the unique personality software can assume when made for a particular ethnic group.  The word ethnic software first appeared in use on blacksoftware.com.  In 2006 we submitted it to the WikiPedia.  A number of Wikipedia  editors assembled to discuss the value of these new words.

Thank you for joining us on the journey to make black software and embrace ethnic software around the world.

– William R. Murrell, III
Founder / Producer
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