About the Black Software movement in America

BlackSoftware.com operates an online community of people who have an appreciation for using and working with software made by people from the African diaspora.

Founded in Jamaica Plain, a part of Boston, Massachusetts, the company is  committed to:

  • IT Support
  • advertise job openings
  • promoting STEM
  • making blackSoftware
  • discovering ethnic software
  • creative agency for digital media

forthcoming: The book Black Software: The Internet & Racial Justice, From the AfroNet to Black Lives Matter, from Oxford University Press by Professor Charlton McIIwain, Associate Professor for Media, Culture, and Communications at NYU where he is the Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Diversity at NYU’s Steinhardt School in New York City. The word “Black Software” will be appearing in the Oxford Dictionary as the book goes to market.

Dear early adopters, 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

You responded with your support and orders when we asked “Who wants more software choice?” as the blackSoftware genre was getting its legs. Your response hastened our move away from the multicultural software category to establish blackSoftware space and name in society.

You said blackSoftware is great!  You ordered games, screen savers, multimedia CD ROM titles, and clip art for your homes, schools, churches, battleships at sea, universities and small businesses and other locations.

We enjoyed reading your testimonials.

We also give thanks to Kamal Al Mansour of AfroLink, Inc. for trotting out to meet us with the world’s first blackware product in your hand, Keith Coleman of AfroCentrex, Mike Holman of Holman’s World software  and Arthur Crump who were our first mail order vendors ever,  Ken Granderson of  ICS Boston for introducing us to the AfroNet BBS network,  artist Paul Goodnight and Color Circle Art Publishing Company  of Boston for granting us permission to distribute your unique fine art screen saver, Jim Neusom of City Lights Software for your product supply, and  the Black Enterprise magazine Tech Watch editor and the Black Data Processing Association (BDPA) newsletter publisher for your kind remarks about our product.

Thank you all for joining us in the 1990’s on the journey to make black software and embrace ethnic software around the world from all people.

– William R. Murrell, III
Founder / Producer
= = = = = = = = = = = =

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Twitter: @BlackSoftware
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