Black made Finetech apps join the blackSoftware category.


Several Black-owned software companies make quality Finetech products. The author of this website and originator of the Black Software named genre, believes the banking and finance industries, have encouraged the making of new computer and internet programs and apps. These new code intense products are a good indication that the Black Software genre continues to expand.

In the April Black Enterprise magazine digital edition, there is a story about Black Finetech coders we want you to know about. Some provide capital, others teach financial literacy and investing.

The article said rapper “ Killer Mike’s ” Black-owned fintech company Greenwood, a digital bank named after the second Black Wall Street we had before it was burned down in Wilmington, North Carolina, does Finetech well, with the Greenwood downloadable app. It’s great to see the history of Black Tulsa, Oklahoma carried forward as Black Software in the form of a bank. Greenwood bank promises to offer better financial options for Black people.

Keep an eye on that one people!