The timeline of onboarding Black people onto the internet we published here was written in the local library. We found the data there in the magazine archive section. Can you imagine how many writers, businesses, organizations, and teachers got their foundational advantages from a public library? As we approach February Black History Month in America, libraries across America will put out book lists and recommendations of books about Black people. The Boston Public Library issues a new one every year so we can imagine this is happening at public libraries across the United States where Blacks live and visit libraries.

from Dallas Public Library

Black History month opens up a world of dialogue and content about American Blacks and African history to others. Listen carefully. It helps us question where do the ancient African antiquities displayed in museums come from and how did it happen? Well, that’s only one a million questions to ponder with a why, a what or who and how question. Surely you can think of more the public free library can help you with. Such questions are portals to understanding the world in which we live and others before us have lived. The Astronaut is going to be the next big thing. Or artificial intelligence. Or, something else, right?

When Black History month shines a light on Black doctors, Black Engineers, Black artificial intelligence makers and software engineers it is a good thing. The untold and unknown stories about Blacks who have accomplished things or are working on it today are meaningful subjects to add to conversations. African Americans in America have only been “legally free” since the 1960s passage of civil rights and equal rights laws. These issues are still an ongoing concern. The word African American is new. It was adopted in the 1970s. Finally, Black Tech culture has entered Hip-hop and Rap music as a tool for mastering the new world. The beats and videos are amazing, powerful cultural influences. They capture attention, change lifestyles and influence commerce.

We are hoping that Black History Month 2020 will offer more information on Blacks in technology and what’s happening with Black Software. The stories are important. Technology underlines just about everything we experience in modern culture, from ride-hailing car services to food prep and athleticism.

For Librarians, we recommend you add the book “Black Software: From the Internet and Racial Justice, to the Afronet and Black Lives Matter” for people educating themselves about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. If you want a copy for your local library, click here and let us know you are interested. We’ll work with you to get it there.