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Black software inventor studios.
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Black Girls Code #BlackGirlMagic
Black men are taking it to Wall Street

Attend the networking events held by local chapters of Black associations such as NABA, the National Association of Black Accountants, NSBE, the National Association of Black Engineers, BIG for Blacks in Government and take a look around the room. Who do you see?

You’ll see Black women in numbers exceeding the number of Black males with business cards titles, Associate Director Project Management, Digital Strategist, International Marketing Manager, Global Supply Chain Director and ranking corporate positions. Hired by firms the likes VECNA technology, Wyman Gordon, Belmont Savings Bank, Sapient, IBM, NBC Universal, Saatchi & Saatchi and irms like them, educated Black women are sought after targets.

They are millennial aged.

Their pursuit of accomplishment is boundless.

Companies are lucky to have them. They fulfill diversity staffing goals. The Black female, chief head of the household in Black communities nationwide, is the leading bread winners at home.

It didn’t always be that way.

What changed? Why, the universe has changed!

The galaxy has been expanding since the day you were born. The result of this expansion is that the society wants “more.” More of everything! Faster, better, more is the mantra of modern.

Organization of Black Designers

Diverse voices matter now more than ever. Input needs to come from all directions. The men have had their turn and now the woman are bringing it. The year of the Black women was officially 2016 and it continues. But, the Black man and the Black woman face new competition on the horizon. Smart machines work faster. The value of both species in human capital to the corporation will be measured against cost for using the surging power of artificial intelligent software bots, robotic devices and machine learning workstations, servers and digital networks.

That’s why #BlackGirlMagic the hashtag has become a thing.

Back when Google co-founders needed an office, they met a female homeowner who had a garage for rent.  She was looking for extra income and offered to rent it to Google founders. They took the deal. Google was a baby company at the time.

The lady became a Google co-founder with that rent deal. The company grew larger, bigger, richer.  That lady is a Google co-founder and a billionaire today. She was one of the first Google employees.

When she was asked about how women influence business and industry, she said ….”imagine if there were no women making movies or writing books. Don’t this world know what it would be missing if that were the case? Well, that’s the case in leadership roles at Google, Facebook, Hubspot and others like them. Men rule.”

blackSoftware genre development is part of the “more” the universe seeks. And Black women are well positioned to lead us into it. Their parents began preparing them in grade school. They scored well in high schools, made great marks in college and most grew up tougher than most women their age because many came from a background where money was scarce, opportunities were unequal and risk of failure was in front of them. And they broke through.


black software app image
BeautyLnk product app image


Swivel product image
Swivel of New York app product image

Black women blackSoftware app developers were flushed out by the New York Times while they were doing an article about disruption in the personal beauty industry. BEAUTYLNK and SWIVEL are the names of two apps that help caucse this disruption in progress. They promise one thing: Your beauty maker is as accessible as an Uber ride. That’s genuis, but will it work to profitable scale? Will enough beauty care buyers switch to using an app for in-home service, rather than go out to get their pedicures and their hair done. Well, time will tell.

Formed in people rich urban cities of Massachusetts and New York, these Black women led companies are out ahead.

Black Male App Inventors

You won’t find Black male software engineers running the c-suites of the NAACP, or Urban League organizations. You’re not going to find them on the podium at one of of Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network protest events. You won’t find Black software engineers buying newspapers.


These brothers create software out of thin air that solves an industry problem.  That’s where most of them are working.  A  small, select few ate working in Game Design or have industrial design jobs..    Maurice Cherry is the man when it comes to knowing Where Are All the Black Designers.  His Revision Path Blog is a journal of interviews with black designers from all industry categories.

Black freelance software developers in Boston can be found attending tech conferences, talks and workshops. To be a freelancer means you have your shit together. You’re probably a fullstack coder with a lot of projects under your belt. And you’re working on two or three  at the same time. Contract, per gig, hourly pay — it doesn’t matter to the freelancer.

Black freelance coders find that the call of corporate need can conflict with them doing things they want to do. The lure of guaranteed pay can get in the way of punching out a personal project, a new product, a startup company, or the like. Some Black freelance coders belong to Black organizations such as the National Association of Black Engineers, BDPA, NABA , the Black Tech Meetup Group, and others.

The Black Data Processing Association (BDPA) formed during the evolution of corporate computing from mainframes to PCs. The org continues to grow and expand.

Contrary to popular belief, black freelancers don’t get  lot of work done in Starbucks. They’ve got We Work Bar Virtual Offices and comfortable places to work from a laptop where they live or go.  They are hidden geniuses deconstructing objects since they were kids.  Their time is now.  The blackSoftware genre calls.

Today we all have a path to low cost training and code building classes. Siblings of Black billionaires have setup code teaching schools for teens. Black Girls Code is going strong with chapters all over. The Girls and Boys Club system is code teaching.  Innovation District communities teach coding and startup business processes at low to no cost. STEM advocates are reaching out and bringing in valuable mentors to the skill building process.

Making new blackSoftware ain’t nothing new.

Black people have been making stuff all along.  Stories about their pioneering work is journaled.  Beyond the last computer penned by Emeagawali is an interesting read.

In 1989, Black Enterprise magazine profiled Kamal Al Mansour, the LA-based Nigerian who had created a line of software and made a company named CPTIME Clip Art.

Afrolink CP Time brochure
AfroLink CP TIME brochure

 Nicknamed the Black Bill Gates,  Dr. Phillip Emeagawali  is credited with inventing parallel computer which enables Google Search Engines to work.  At the dawn of the PC evolution, Dr. Mark Austin, a research associate at IBM is credited with his breakthrough system board architecture design, which enabled IBM PC operation and  manufacturing to scale.

Today, you’ll see public traded companies founded by  Black men  move up on Wall Street.  Rapid 7 comes to mind. The company makes network security software products for worldwide industry.  This MIT – bred firm and its founder Cory Thomas had its IPO about 4 years ago.  Today, Rapid 7 stock trades far above its IPO price.

Black Enterprise magazine, the African-American owned Forbes – style magazine publication features Black startup companies in every issue.

I AM BLACK BUSINESS  APP is in the apps stores.

I AM Black Business app
a robust electronic national Black business directory for smartphones.

Blacks have been making the Internet better for people since the beginning of the Internet. Now African Americans have choices for software products that are alternatives to popular brands. These are made by African Americans and Blacks and their mounting in number, scale and sophistication.

Introducing a national wide electronic directory of Black-owned #BuyBlack businesses and shops —  named “I AM BLACK BUSINESS,”  the Yelp-like app and online community information portal at  iamblackbusiness.com  Look in smartphone app stores and you’ll find it for Android and IOS.

The app is an electronic Black business directory running off SaaS cloud servers. The makers are active in social media performing referral posts about the businesses they list. One feature of the app for travelers is you can be anywhere in America and when you want to #buyblack you use the app to locate a barber, a plumber, a lawyer or the skill or trade you need in that location.

Third Screen Platforms 

The much anticipated  third screen finally did materialize. The first screen was your desktop computer, the second screen is your laptop, now enter the smartphone — the smallest and most revolutionary screen running computer software there is.

Mobile devices and smartwatches provide more screens for the blackSoftware genre to grow and that’s a good thing. It is too early to know when the NASA-like take off of the blackSoftware industry will bubble.  The genre is so new, most users wouldn’t even categorize an app as a blackSoftware app because they like the reference.


blacksoftware site logo from the past
The second blacksoftware logo ever made

blackSoftware products can  improve the economic condition of black agencies and organizations that serve the community because they could produce and provide tangible, self-sustaining product that will be in demand, unlike so many other programs and social services that when left unchecked, have repeatedly failed the people they are intended to serve.

blackSoftware products require mass adoption to succeed doing this.

Blacksoftware.com discovered and distributed black clip art, CD ROMs,  black screen savers and greeting card maker software by Hallmark, as the firm did a soft-launch.

It found a national and international audience that cared about the product. The company continues to identify potential customer through activities publishing niche and vertical topic web sites for local consumers.

The BlackSoftware.com web site has shipped hundreds of early adopters.  Customer types are community organizations, groups and schools, university food managers, corrections facilities, classrooms, the black church community, black owned printers and hospitality type firms and more.

With the singular goal  create a happy moments while providing software choice, Blacksoftware.com continues to discover new product ideas. We look forward to serving you.

Follow us on Twitter at @blacksoftware Tweets.

blackSoftware is a genre

blackSoftware apps are a subcategory of ethnic software.

Ethnic software supplements the multi-cultural software catalog label.

Ethnic software embraces native culture in an unmistakeable, authentic manner, while multi-cultural software uses cartoon and iconic images as tools for communicating diversity.


Thanks for reading,
Sincerely, William Murrell, III
Founder, BlackSoftware.com, BlackSoftware, Inc.



Pick an image below, save and use your imagination with it.

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african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece


GAMES [please note, this site is under construction and this section is being worked on as you read it ]

Sungo, an African counting software game is blackSoftware. Like Black literature, Black movies, and Black fine art – our individual and collective Black quest for internal acknowledgement of our inventions is germaine to our characters. This frees original thought. BlackSoftware is original matter. It comes from the Black Experience. It is a complete, authentic domain. It is a genre. “blackSoftware” as genre is a 21St century invention. It was formulated out of the interest for discovery using the pre-Internet AfroNet community and its users and sysop during the 80’s and continued on the Go Afro forum built by American Vision magazine on CompuServe / AOL from 1994-1998. WikiPedia gatekeepers argued that blackSoftware is a NEOLOGISM, but this is not true.

In 2006, I asked the WikiPedia term approval panel to add the word “blackSoftware” and definition made here to the dictionary section where the word “Application Software” is sufficiently detailed. The panel ooked far and wide for references where they could find the term as I defined it, in use by at least three reference sources. They could not find the source. What luck!! Then the BlackSoftware word in context described here is something new! Timing is seldom perfect for invention.

blacksoftware logo

The word “Ethnic software” materialized during the Wikipedia deliberations. It was thought that came out of nowhere. I said Ethnic Software is a MASTER category of software including “blackSoftware,” but it may be Yiddish, Greek, Creek, Cherokee, or Yiddish or Creole or whatever people speak. Ancient writings from Egypt is Ethnic Software? Probably. Well, computer software is a translation of what rests in human memory structure. But software is the physical manifestation of rules created in the human mind. Software is represented by symbols today, but it will be something else tomorrow that represents it. Ethnic software is Brazilian software. Its Arabic. Its Chinese and it looks like those languages. The Chinese use Social Media Networks different than Americans. Domestic users haven’t caught on to stickers. In China, they are the rage and they share everything. Americans on social media put out what amounts to their ideal photoshopped example of their ideal being. Not all do it that way, but most do. In other cultures, they don’t fake it as much.

What makes this blackSoftware original and unique? You mean other than look and feel? Other than the emotion you get looking at these examples? Well, the story may be told differently, colored in the Black Experience. When you see that you know what I am talking about. The soul of software gives it identity. When something new comes to market, those useful identifiers are evolving.

Share this official definition of Blacksoftware/ethnic software.


Who convinced APPLE to add colored, ethnic software EMOTICONS to IOS version 8? Let’s not clap for Apple yet for it was a tiny firm in Mauritus who made these black emoticons first said @okayafrica.

emoticons of black people


blacksoftware.com inventor Baby Bubba

While continuing our product and customer developments, blackSoftware.com has delivered over 1,000 packages, booked 500+ orders, and added fifteen hundred sign-ups. Black Enterprise magazine recommended blackSoftware.com to their readers.


View a timeline we wrote covering African American Movement onto the Internet

Black Images r Software

In the age of questioning diversity in high tech, a Slack platform programmer was noticed for making a few observations with graphics like these.

African American cultural influence of the black software invention

We see a black hand on a smartphone and everybody knows what that is. But did you ever see a Black person standing in line at Ellis Island as the Irish, Germans, Italians and other European immigrants were being admitted to the United States? Of course you did if they were from Barbados but you would not have seen a BLACK person from Italy come through — that is, not until you see it a blackSoftware product design.

The next image of boy in the middle is a derivative portrayal from an unknown artist about a black kid he or she sees among a sea of other kids. Images like this are likely to be used near Disney like brands. This is not the future look for authentic blackSoftware, but we get the picture.

African American cultural influence of the black software invention

Star Wars is back starring a black character in the lead. This is huge. New York Times best selling author Ta Nehisi, a 2015 MacArthur Genius award winner, wrote episodes for the Marvel comic book company.

In our archives is the first Black software advertising brochure ever made for a software package.

ethnic image on a box

Have you heard of Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor? MAVIS BEACON is a real Black woman.

The Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing software title began selling in 1985. The face on the retail box package was adapted from a model and Haitian-born Renee Lesperance, a Black woman who was discovered by one of the software developers at Saks 5th Avenue in 1995 at Beverly Hills, California.

Ms Lesperance’s face became the symbol of Mavis. She was chosen because the software developer’s favorite singer is Mavis Staples and Renee reminded him of her.

Black clipart

Black clip art at Blacksoftware.comBlack clip art of a Black woman dancing on a record albumBlack clip art fashion model image


This African American fine art screen saver shipped to thousands. It funs on pre-Windows 7/Vista.


First African in Boston heritage line

Black Boston souvenir shopSee shirts of African American distinction.

ASHAWARE’S AfroCentric Software Suite Version 5.0 review is released and I wrote A REVIEW of the product.

Black Clip Art Reviewed

The URBAN CLIP ART kit includes 350 Black clip art color images. Image types are Black church clip art, business clip art, fashion clip art, latino clip art and hip hope clipart.

Black womanBlack clip art
african american software siteblacksoftware.com images

Ashaware educational software, the Black software review. Read all about it.

Free SSL certificates comes with these web site hosting plans


Black computer consultants

HOMEBEATS Multimedia CD ROM review