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The work we do

We answer questions, Administer servers and SQL, Consult, Repair malfunctioning workstations, laptops, printers, servers, networks and other gear. Monthly maintenance is provided for data backups, software updates, problems that can be fixed at a later time. We install software, computer equipment and office wiring. We troubleshoot everything. We will correct web site issues. Disaster recovery plans acan be created for your organization. Staff training can be provided. Protections against viruses and hackers are installed. We'll reconfig your hardware or install upgrades or parts as needed. We setup Wifi networks, integrate social media accounts, setup Email, Clouds for data and applications. We are network installers and troubleshooters. We resolved problems with machines running Windows, the Apple Mac OS, web servers, Wordpress, HTML, Microsoft Office and other specialized software. We will co-ordinate your warranty repairs and your (SLAs) service level agreements with third parties. We will co-ordinate software licensing and procurement. We support your mobile devices that access company data.
Boston, MA
(617) 942-1301

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William Murrell, sales
867 Bolyston St, 5th Floor
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Boston, MA 02199