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How to make websites will teach you how to build the website and pull traffic for it. You’ll learn how to fix the website when something goes wrong. The BlackSoftware Studio Make-a -Website-service removes the delay when you think about a web site and want to get it down. We get you the real estate you want on the internet without pause.

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what you learn

  1. How to create and transfer domain names to your name
  2. How to build website frameworks
  3. How to edit and administer the website.
  4. How to use Google Analytics to monitor results
  5. How to connect Google Search Consoles
  6. How to get results from the Google Search Engine
  7. Help working with Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter
  8. A CRM enabled e-mail account setups with sign-up forms and e-mail Blast technology
  9. We help you run digital marketing scenarios to test your ideas
  10. You will learn how to set up e-commerce for electronic payments and selling
  11. Tech support warranty maintenance is included

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Widget programming Deluxe Course

  • Learn how to send SMS transmissions you to your audience
  • Learn how to make a Chatbot for engaging with your online audiences

$499.00 per widget

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