DRONE sales update at BlackSoftware.com

BlackSoftware.com sells drones. We offer DJI drone models because they are durable. There’s a DJI drone model for every price point.

About these Drones

A unique gift idea for teens and adults is the Drone.

Kite flying is still around but drones have become popular. Drones can be launched with cellphone, tablet computers and custom controllers. Drones can teach a kid a lot about aeronautical engineering and programming in a fun, recreational environment.

Professional drones are used in industrial applications from television traffic reports to football games and crowd coverage, Their high-resolution photos and video are amazing to Imagine what an NFL football broadcast would look like if drones were not filming some of the action.

We recommend Dji industrial drones starting at $799. The best personal drones start at $99.00

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