Home industry Game Developers of Color expo opens July 27 2019.

Game Developers of Color expo opens July 27 2019.

Game Developers of Color expo opens July 27 2019.

This is an annual expo and reunion of the nation’s best game creators of color gathering at the Schomburg Center for African American Research, a division of the New York Public Library of Harlem, New York. Supported by New York City College where there is a hotbed of innovative creative producers and influencers, the Game Dev of Color Expo is a celebration of diversity in the game industry – the larger-than-movie-and-film entertainment market segment bridging all categories of popular and professional culture.

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The state lottery is a game. Casinos are gaming palaces. At this expo, do-it-yourself is stamped throughout the culture. The evolution of computers and network speeds has brought powerful production tools into the hands of a home user with a bedroom setup. The outcome has been a growing game inventory.. The expo attracts software coders, scriptwriters, animators, cartoonist, artists, musicians, set designers, historians, professors, instructors, engineers, students, hobbyist, researchers, licensing techs, geeks, business developers, the media, and online gaming platform sponsors. Game publishers will be there. The next human breakout blackSoftware gamemaker is probably in the crowd.

Here are some clips we brought back from last year’s expo.