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The game was written by young Africans who are sharing methodology and techniques with the webmaster. Together, we are processing problems about Artificial intelligence as it relates to the African traditional game theory and other things that increases our spatial intelligence.

The programmer has developed algorithms called BIDOA’S LOGIC. These programs are already used in some African thinking games (Awele, Sungo), and constitute an intelligent alternative to the classical min-max algorithms.

This method has three advantages.

The program is faster than a standard min-max procedure. This saving of time is the result of a division of the game into independent modules. As such, each object performs its task in an optimal way.

The program has a long term vision of the game. This great anticipation of shots is the root of BIDOA’S LOGIC. Indeed, the function of evaluation which one obtains, gives an understanding lecture of the game in favorable and unfavorable phases.

As such, gains realised by the machine are only the consequence of these two distinctive phases.

The machine plays a diversified game. BIDOA’S LOGIC depends on a finite number of parameters which vary according to the dept of anticipation and the style of game which one wants.

To this day, we have successfully tested this algorithm on two African thinking games (AWELE and SUNGO). See the card-index for the SUNGO game. We are currently writing a translation version of the BIDOA’S LOGIC which is adapted to board games (Chess).

Our final aim is to uphold the challenge of the Go Game using BIDOA’S LOGIC. The complexity of this thinking game is such that a combinatory method is illusory, even if one has NASA'S computers. We need your support in order to produce African and other games sofware using BIDOA’S LOGIC or a translation version of this function.

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