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Smallwall SMS – affordable housing finder

The Smallwall SMS housing lottery supply app improves access to affordable housing vacancies and opportunities. Use it to enter the housing lottery. It works on your smartphones and mobile devices where an SMS text message can be received. The apps keeps you updated during the month. You will receive the listing sheets and forms to apply at the apartments. The information includes Number of Bedrooms, the Address, The Rent price, the Section 8 and Housing Subsidy if available, and contact phone numbers and email addresses to call for each property.

affordable housing finders

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Black Software for African American families.

Mobile is an expanding market for Black Software products. Now that the hardware platforms are household items, it is a time to leverage what software skills you, if you are thinking about a side hustle. It takes time, lots of time, experimentation and trial. I hope you find programming languages more accessible than they ever have been, if you are new to computer programming. The training videos on YouTube are very good.

Black movies, Black Literature, Black Art, Black music, Black software.

There is an insatiable, public need for software choices that do more in our daily lives. In the Black Software genre, coders have produced hundreds of apps targeted to African Americans. The I Am Black Business app was one of the first in recent years to utilize many of the geospatial features of the modern cellphone. In the beginning, Africans, Blacks, and African Americans are the original Black Software makers whose primary target were Black Americans. Their code emerge from tinkering with popular table games and hardcover encyclopedias. Graphic clip art images and screensavers in royal African American hues and colors from Africa, our homeland, littered the original black software batches.

What Black Software do people want?

It is hard to know exactly what is on a buyer’s mind until you ask them. We have gathered insights from our users. Black Software apps for mobile phones show up in the Tech Watch column in Black Enterprise magazine and the Blavity and Moguldom websites.

And, BlackSoftware.com is cataloging titles made by Black people. The number is growing. But it pales in comparison to black music product shipments. Hip-Hop recording labels put music on the market every week. We estimate the music track release volume at 1000x or more than there are new Black Software app releases.

Or, is it all Black Software?

You don’t know about them because it is hard for Black Software producers to get sizable audience shares. Some are seeing breaks in venture capital pitch competition and Kickstarter. A lot of the product is made for super-gaming users who sign on to STEAM, TWITCH and other gaming streamer platforms. Their competitors are the big publishers with decades of experience making the market with their multi-million dollar budgets.

It is not uncommon for an XBOX-like platform game budget to reach $500m dollars. How many people do you know are talking about their apps where you go. Urban markets can be dense testing grounds, but experience informs us that the demand comes from the mass worldwide market.