Impressive free and cheap alternatives to the well-known software


There is FREE or inexpensive software you can use that does not scrape your private information every time you use it. What software is scraping and monitoring what you do every time you use it? What software cost lots of money to use? It is software titles made by companies we all know, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe products, Google, Facebook, Amazon and all those like it.

THE ALTERNATIVES are products like Libre Office not Microsoft, Unbuntu Linux not Microsoft Windows, GIMP not Adobe Illustrator and dozens of replacements for a wide variety of popular, expensive brands.

Learn all about it with download links to the alternatives at the Switching.Software site where you get Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software.

Thank you Mickey Betts – Keynote Speaker – Industry Organizer – Drupal Hacker – Free Software Advocate at Agaric Web Technology Cooperative, Boston Ma at for tipping us off.