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Barrett Medical Technology is accepting applications for Software Game Development Engineer

Software/Game Development Engineer


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Barrett Technology is a robotics company based in Newton, MA that develops and manufactures advanced robotic systems for medical and research applications.

Barrett’s medical robot, Burt (medical.barrett.com), is an interactive robotic system that provides stroke survivors a means to exercise and rehabilitate their affected arm in engaging and meaningful ways using a system that physically supports the weight of their arm while allowing them freedom of movement and targeted assistance while playing games on-screen.

Barrett’s line of advanced research robotic systems (advanced.barrett.com) include the WAM Arm, a highly dexterous, naturally backdrivable manipulator that can be used for a wide variety of applications, and the Barrett Hand, a three-fingered gripper that can be integrated with the WAM or used as a standalone device.

Barrett is a great place to work and develop professionally. The supportive, learning atmosphere is led by seasoned management and competent engineers. We promote from within, investing in our people. Personality and integrity are important at Barrett. The type of person who will do well at Barrett is a team player and a clear communicator. We look for people who are personable, honest, and open to feedback, as well as those who are open to learning new skills, finish tasks in a timely and thorough manner, and understand that documentation is an essential component of most tasks.

At Barrett, we believe that diversity makes us stronger, and that maintaining this diversity takes meaningful and sustained effort. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where all our employees can be their most authentic selves.

POSITION OVERVIEW (posted 7/22/2020)

The engineer will be an integral member of a cross-disciplinary engineering and manufacturing team supporting Barrett Technology’s advanced robotic systems. The primary focus will be game development and software infrastructure for Barrett’s medical robot, using the Unity3D game development engine in a Linux environment. The engineer will also work on similar tasks for research applications as needed.

The applicant should be able to stay organized and on task, communicate effectively with engineers, sales/marketing specialists, and customers, and work well with little supervision.

This full-time position includes health care and other benefits. Applicants must be able to come into the Barrett Technology office in Newton, MA, and are typically expected to do so on a daily basis. When large scale events affect in-person gatherings, alternative working situations are developed for our employees’ safety. (See COVID-19 note below.)


  • Conceptualize, design, and develop new therapeutic games and assessments for Burt in Unity
  • Develop and maintain game software infrastructure in a Linux environment
  • Develop, test, and release medical device software through FDA-mandated design-controls
  • Collaborate with mechanical, electrical, and firmware engineers throughout design and release
  • Collaborate with sales, marketing, and clinical experts throughout design and release
  • Assist in the upkeep and implementation of Quality System tools and procedures including bug-tracking, revision control, testing, and code reviews
  • Prototype and develop customer-specific applications for Barrett advanced robotics products
  • Interact with customers for product support or development of custom applications
  • Support different aspects of a small company’s day-to-day requirements as needed
  • Potential for travel for customer installations and tradeshows


  • U.S. citizenship
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (or equivalent experience) in computer science, game development, or related field
  • Proficient in C# programming
  • Experience with Unity
  • Experience implementing effective interactive software applications (e.g., games, user interfaces)
  • Personable, self-motivated, and self-directed
  • Interested in learning new skills and abilities
  • Good verbal and written communication skills


  • Experience setting up and developing in a Linux environment
  • Experience with Linux command-line tools and shell scripting
  • Experience working with robotic systems and/or haptic systems
  • Experience with other languages and tools, such as C++ and Python
  • Experience with MySQL
  • Comfortable using version control (Git preferred)
  • Experience with medical-device software within a quality-controlled environment
  • Experience developing applications for people with mental and/or physical disabilities


Interviews for this position will be conducted remotely. To ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, the engineering team is currently working remotely as much as possible. We work with each employee’s situation to make the necessary hardware available, including delivering hardware to the employee’s home and/or scheduling time in the office.


Please send a cover letter, resume, and C#/Unity code sample to resume@barrett.com with the subject heading “Software/Game Development Engineer”.

Applications without cover letters or code samples will not be considered.

More info:

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Those who build amazing digital weapons for the Air Force.


Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (nyse:SPCE) has been selling seats for outer space tourism on their next generation airplanes. Another firm founded by the Tesla CEO Eli Musk (nyse:TSLA), who just became one of the richest self-made billionaires in the world this week, has taken over the work NASA is known for – that is shipping human beings and electronic testing equipment into outer space. Tesla acts as NASA’s taxi-cab service for traveling the galaxy. The NASA agency has been using Tesla rocket ships for a bit over a year or two. NASA’s days of building rockets or over.

Jazz artist Sun-Ra was pointing us in the right direction. “Space is the place, his orchestra would play. Here’s a clip of Sun Ra at Newport Jazz festival 2018

Now, Black astronauts are growing in number. When you think about it, Black people are not going to have a WAKANDA world until they conquer the unknowns of outer space. Centuries before us, Black people studied the heavens. They learned quite a bit about it. Those learnings have been integrated into modern society, yet so much about outer space is still unknown.

The astronaut job for Blacks is a priority target for the STEM trainer to prepare their young grass hopper students for. For Blacks, becoming an astronaut is more important than learning how to code software and tame AI systems, in our opinion, because space pilots get paid well, they go where nobody else has gone before, and when a Black bumps into an Alien world, we are the least likely among humans to want to destroy it.


In the offices of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, Dr. Will Roper explains to reporters what he’s been building. He is into weaponized artificial intelligence persistent DRONES; genetically edited bioweapons, human augmentation and offense weaponry for the 21st century battlefield.

( this article section was adapted from a Tech Crunch article )

He believes digital engineering is at the core of what it takes to make the hardware models that could create better defensive capabilities for the United States 21st century battlefield business model. If you come to the table with the TEN skills that help you win at work in urban cities, they will serve you well for going into Air Force engineering roles.

If you can get experience with  eSeries hardware, you become well situated to master the design, assemblage and testing of Next Generation Air Dominance aircraft — designed to replace the FA-18 Hornet.

Roper’s budget is over $1.5 billion to play around with new ideas. He builds and ships new models of hypervelocity artillery, multipurpose missiles, smartphone-navigating weapons, big-data-enabled sensing, 3D printed systems, fighter avatars and fighter-dispersed swarming microdrones.

Connect Zoom to your big screen TV for a conference-room like experience.


Better video conferencing

I heard about a prototype for making Zoom a better experience. The product Crestron with HomeTime will pair Zoom software and a camera from Logitech with your big screen TV and what a conference-room like video experience it will be!.

The Crestron Homeview units have not been formerly announced yet and there’s no shipping date to report. Tech reviewers have been wetting their beaks over it. If the Crestron device can do it then perhaps there’s another product like it out there somewhere? We haven’t heard of one. Have you? If so, holla back! Let’s discuss it.

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