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Ethnic software choices are here.

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Ethnic software has taken the form of apps, desktop applications, utilities, server tools and more.

One could say that language translation features on web pages is a form of ethnic software.

But the core stuff is software designed from the ground up for the ethnic consumer, be they a resident of Saudi Arabia, Israel, China or another other.

This web site is ground zero for blackSoftware and ethnic software genre expansion.

We shall discover it, development it, develop it and explain it.

The latest developments
The internet of Things (IOT), drones, machine learning, robotics, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), self-driving car.

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African entrepreneurs with Africa-located companies grab slice of Tony Elumelu $100M Fund

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Boston’s BlackSoftware.com congratulates African startups who were the lucky ones of 3,000 selected by the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme sponsored by philanthropist Tony Elumelu.  They were awarded seed capital of $5,000 and 12-weeks of training for their ideas. Elumelu, the rich Nigerian businessman, put up $100M of capital in a foundation to guarantee the money would be there for them,

Harvard’s B School sees many Elumelu sponsored Africans, but this particular entrepreneurial cohort  is not the B school variety, instead, they hustle up from the streets. Their acceptance into his program is a big boost for them.  Many won’t make it, but many will, we hope.

BlackSoftware.com is standing by to support the app makers by providing a path to American markets.

Simultaneously, in early November, a group of African Americans entered a business plan challenge funded by NBC Universal Comcast on the West Coast and some were victors and received $10,000, says Blavity.

Boston has plenty to brag about in this arena too. It has funded an innovation district programmer targeting the “underserved” in Black Boston. Residents of Roxbury have a walk-in and get it resource where investors, classes, one-on-one business mentoring sessions and code training is available to those who want it.




On 1st of January 2018, at 12am, WAT, we will begin accepting applications for the 4th cycle of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme. Outstanding African entrepreneurs who have start-ups or business ideas with high-growth potential are encouraged to apply.

After three cycles, the Programme – the only African-funded business development initiative of its kind – has:

  • Received 158,000 applications from African entrepreneurs in 107 countries, including every nation of Africa
  • Empowered nearly 3,000 businesses with 12-weeks of online training; world-class mentoring; access to TEF’s network of start-ups; and seed capital of $5,000*
  • Invested a total of $14,235,000, including $4,270,500 in agriculture; $1,285,000 in ICT, $1,245,000 in education and training; and $7,400,000 more in start-ups across 19 other sectors.

The TEF Entrepreneurship Programme is open to citizens and legal residents of all African countries with businesses based in Africa, less than three years old, including new ideas.

Click here for more information

TEF at the EU-Africa Business Forum