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Origins of Black Software, the new software genre in Ethnic Software categories.

Thanks for your interest in William Murrell’s, Black Software word introduction and definition submitted to WikiPedia. BlackSoftware.com, the website was originally published in 1989. Oxford University Press published a historical non-fiction engineering book about it November 2019. It told the story of Murrell’s co-creation of the genre in interviews taken by Professor Charlton McIIwain, author of Black Software: From the Internet and Racial Justice to the Afronet and Black Lives Matter.

The author of the book told us our word “Black Software” was not in the title of his original book proposal but, his publisher Oxford University Press, required him to use it. The book’s chapter 5 details our Cambridge/Roxbury MA work to develop the term.

The video clip below is the MSNBC cable news 6AM episode that aired the morning of the book release date. For good measure, we posted links below to two of dozens of media stories about the book launch and reviews by scholars.

PC Magazine, Oct 31, 2019
Tech History is More Than Just ‘White, Male Wizards’

Oxford University Press book reviews website

MSNBC, Nov 1 “Morning Joe” direct youtube link

william // at BlackSoftware.com