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COVID-19 has changed the employment landscape. This section recruits for employers and it helps software coders, technology consultants and 1099 gig earners find paying opportunities. Updates will be posted soon.

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While we are editing the software and technology job list section, there are 100s upon 100s of non-tech job openings in Greater Boston for people looking for work. See the freshest list at

Black software engineers

Black software engineers own and operate amazing companies in Massachusetts. Drift and Rapid 7 raised 100s of millions of dollars, an IPO and one of the Back Bay’s most promising digital brand. When you are seeking employment or employees, contact us to enter job opportunities for software, coding, sales, marketing, management, web development, robotics, engineering, project management, STEM and environmental tech.

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MBE Referrals

MBE vendor and subcontractors referrals are available upon request. We maintain lists of certified minority firms in Boston and Massachusetts. Request referrals to a minority-owned companies with expertise in a category you need.

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