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Software Game Development Engineer position opens. posted 7/22/2020

For three decades Barrett Technology has pioneered core technology underlying new levels of flexibility in articulated arms and hands. Today, Barrett is the leader in advanced robotic manipulators, earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for its advanced manipulator technology.

As a fresh spin-off from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1988, Barrett tasked itself with the stewardship of the first haptic robot arm, named the WAMâ„¢ ar

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Black software engineers

Black software engineers own and operate amazing companies in Massachusetts. Drift and Rapid 7 raised 100s of millions of dollars, an IPO and one of the Back Bay’s most promising digital brand. When you are seeking employment or employees, contact us to enter job opportunities for software, coding, sales, marketing, management, web development, robotics, engineering, project management, STEM and environmental tech.

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