Home industry Tech skills on this list will raise your salary at Boston tech firms.

Tech skills on this list will raise your salary at Boston tech firms.

Tech skills on this list will raise your salary at Boston tech firms.
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A magician can’t make you go WOW if you don’t believe in their tricks. The same goes for absorbing new tech skills. Getting to the pinnacle of knowledge confidence takes a lot more than experience. It takes belief in the goal.

Learning something new for your job is a commitment of time for self-learners and money and time for workers who purchase skill booster courses. Personally, I am a jump into the thick of it and figure it out style of learner. I attend workshops, watch explainer videos, read, code and try stuff. I have boosted up severs at home to poke at and do things I personally have no need to know in my personal life. I think it is important to tackle tech problems you have never seen before.

Great software coders are versatile. It does not matter what language you specialize in, a Google Level 5 software engineer said, because once you are hired and on projects, one day you may be working in NODE.JS, the next PHP or REACT and the next who knows — it could be any software language and you are expected to come up to speed quickly on it. This writer thinks it is cool to place a Tech Support when you need to. You will be surprised how many times what you need to know is totally undocumented.

How about your learning style?
Are you a classroom learner or a tinkerer?

What you know how to do in your job today is good for about two to three years in Boston, the tech product company Skillsoft recently found. The firm describes itself as trusted partner and leading global provider of high-quality, innovative, cloud-based learning and performance support resources. Enabling organizations to achieve competitive advantages through superior enterprise-wide knowledge and skills.

Their clients are Federal Government, Healthcare, Financial Services and Manufacturing firms. Here’s what Skillsoft believes are the most important tech skills you will need to keep up to date with to grow in your organization and remain gainfully employed.


  • Data
  • Security
  • Microsoft (Windows, Azure, Server, etc.)
  • Server (Windows, Linux, CompTIA, etc.)
  • Manage (Devices, Services, Deployments, Performance, etc.)
  • Service (Microservice, SOA )
  • Create (Networks, Applications, Instances)
  • Configure (Routers, Servers, OS, etc.)
  • SQL
  • Web
  • Networking & Operating Systems
  • Security
  • Programming
  • Data
  • DevOps
  • Software Development
  • Cloud
  • Tech and Society

Whomp! There it is. Go get what you don’t know, and relax.

Good luck!