The 25 under 25 most creative Boston millennials of color


They are mural artists, record producers, promoters, dancers, radio jocks, designers, jewelry makers, organizers and more. They are doing things, big things that move the needle in the city of Boston.

Meet the Artery 25, a WBUR-FM list of creatives representing Boston forward thinking diversity

Here is one of the twenty-five.
About visual artist Stephen Hamilton 

  • pays homage to “Black Hands”
  • Created the “The Founders Project,”the Public Art Accelerator program, re-framed Boston public high school students as African royalty.
  • Hamilton grew up in Roxbury, seeing images of Black Bostonians in his neighborhood’s murals.
  • Hamilton teaches workshops for Black youth on creating art as ritual.
  • He seeks to explore African aesthetics beyond the white gaze, paying equal attention to the process of creating as the end product.
  • He utilizes cloth, wood-carving, natural pigment, hand-dyeing and weaving.
  • Hamilton’s work is sustained by a thoughtful framework rooted in West African ontology, exploring ideas of “mystic coolness,” a tenet of 15th century Yoruba and Igbo civilizations.